Selected Past Projects of 4e Group Personnel or Affiliated Companies:

Land Development:

Buckwalter PUD Bluffton, SC
4,200 acres
Winding River St. George, UT
5,000 acres
Stearns Technology Park - Fremont, CA
Phoenix Tech Center - Phoenix, AZ
Coronado Pointe - Tucson, AZ
Vertical Development:

The CAD Center
- Phoenix, AZ
47,040 sq. ft. - Office/Flex
Stearns Commerce Center - Tucson, AZ
84,468 sq. ft. Retail/Industrial

MIPS Corporate
Sunnyvale, CA
82,000 sq. ft. - Headquarters

Weddell Drive
- Sunnyvale, CA
63,000 sq. ft. R&D

Mikohn Gaming Corporation
- Hurricane, UT
86,000 sq. ft. - Manufacturing/Office/Warehouse
Charlotte Distribution Center Charlotte, NC
404,000 sq. ft.
Franklin Center Johnstown, PA
110,000 sq. ft.
Lexington Center Lexington, KY
365 Room Hyatt Regency Hotel, 72,000 sq. ft. Retail
Park at Palmdale - Tucson, AZ
35,000 sq. ft. - Office
Phoenix Tech Center - Phoenix, AZ
62,000 sq. ft. - Office/Flex/R&D

Stearns Research Center
- San Jose, CA
163,752 sq. ft. - Four R&D Buildings
Stearns Oakmead - Sunnyvale, CA
44,000 sq. ft. R&D
Mercury Drive - Sunnyvale, CA
25,000 sq. ft. R&D
Stearns Business Park - Tucson, AZ
52,559 sq. ft. Office/Flex/Retail
Riverview Business Center - Phoenix, AZ
83,000 sq. ft. - Flex

In addition, 4e Group personnel or affiliated companies have been directly involved in the acquisition and/or development of nearly three million square feet of commercial, retail, institutional, industrial and warehouse assets, as well as thousands of acres of raw land.